Congratulations! You're a parent.

Let me guess...

Are you doubting your parenting instincts? Feeling like you're just faking it until you make it? Are you feeling isolated, alone, frustrated, overwhelmed, or insecure on this parenting journey?

This isn’t exactly what you had pictured when you thought of the cute little baby toes and their cute little coos and giggles.

It is messy, loud, exhausting, and hard.

Yes, you love it! But are you also tired of searching for answers to parenting challenges from a million different sources and finding the answers overwhelming or contradictory?

tell me if this is familiar...

Have you read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, but are finding it hard to actually know what to do in the moment? Feeling like you get the ideas in theory but don’t know how to put them into practice without some personalized guidance?

Do you want to feel empowered to make the right parenting choices instinctively but are afraid you will end up repeating parenting patterns from your own childhood that didn’t serve you?

Do you wish you could respond to anything your baby was struggling with in the moment without second guessing yourself or worrying that you weren’t doing it “right”?

Do you wish you felt more in control, more centered?

Do you wish you could just instinctively respond to your child, meeting their needs without panicking or getting frustrated, or beating yourself up afterwards?

And tune out all the noise from the endless barrage of unsolicited or contradictory parenting advice. 

Not to mention knowing how to communicate your parenting values to others in your life like your partner, your parents, your in-laws, and have them respect your decisions, to trust you.

I know that you desire to feel confident in your authentic parenting voice.

You just want to relax, and trust in your ability to solve problems as they arise with consistency and calmness.

You're ready to feel supported, validated, understood, calm, and confident in your parenting journey.

But you need someone to personally guide you in how to put all the parenting information you are sifting through into action >> in a way that fits your unique family.

you're not alone.

That’s exactly why I created The Authentic Parent.

As a clinical psychologist, I developed this course based on the psychological principles of brain development, behavior, relationships, personality development, mental health, and resilience.

 It is meant to provide you a foundational framework of the psychological and neurobiological development of your child.

So you can calmly and confidently respond to any problem that arises, connect authentically with your child, and truly enjoy parenting!

This COurse is for you if you are..


A Parent to a 0-1 year old

A second time parent

“I’m a natural worrier and have a hard time staying in the moment. This course put my mind at ease and helped me go from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to feeling prepared and like I can handle what’s to come.”
- Nicole (pregnant)

“My daughter was around a year old when I took the course. And there were so many things I wish I had known earlier, but even after a year of parenting, there was so much I still learned and implement in our daily life!”
- Britt (11 month old)

"I had read so many parenting scripts that I was feeling like a robot when I tried to parent my toddler. When I got pregnant with my second I knew there must be a better way. This course helped me find my authentic parenting voice and learn how to genuinely connect with my children as I help them calm down. It’s been a game changer for my kids and for me!"
- Margot
(3 month & 2-year-old)

Hi, I am Sarah, a clinical psychologist specializing in family therapy and parenting support, and I am also a mom of 2. Before becoming a parent myself, my clinical work was primarily focused on helping adults learn to regulate out of control emotions and heal past attachment wounds.

Once I had children of my own, I realized these same therapeutic interventions I was using with my patients were informing how I was showing up every day for my child, and helping me to parent with more confidence and trust in myself and my son.

It was this awareness that led to a pivotal shift in the focus of my clinical work and I began educating parents about the processes of secure attachment and how to support healthy child development, with the hopes of giving parents the tools and the confidence to raise a next generation of children who were resilient, self confident, and less likely to end up in therapy with me as adults!

I'm Dr. Sarah Bren

I have taken the most essential elements of the work I do with my patients & created The Authentic Parent Course, so I can help even more parents raise families that are healthier, calmer, and more connected with one another.


a six week guided program that teaches you how to confidently move through parenthood during your child’s first year

The Authentic Parent

Each week ends with a live one hour video coaching call with me and no more than 11 other parents. This intimate group experience allows me to offer you personalized attention.

I’ll get to know you, I’ll get to know your child and your own unique parent-child relationship and be able to custom-tailor solutions just for you!

And you’ll be able to hear what other parents are working on as well.

A personalized approach

“I found myself hoarding any parenting information I could find on social media and was beyond overwhelmed trying to decipher what I needed and what I didn’t. I went to a workshop from Dr. Sarah and realized having a better grasp of my child’s development was pivotal to helping me feel comfortable letting go and trusting my instincts. It’s been 3 months since I finished the course and I haven’t picked up the baby book since! Having a foundational knowledge of what to expect has allowed me to relax and just enjoy the ride.”

- Lauren (11 month old)

What past students have to say:

“I was so focused on making sure I did everything “right” for my son during the first few months of his life that I put so much unnecessary pressure on myself. I’d go to bed at night replaying all the moments I thought had been failures in my mind. After taking the course I was able to identify that I had what Dr. Sarah called “milestone anxiety.” Learning to set proper developmental expectations based on the science and hearing other moms swap stories of their own similar experiences has made me a much happier and less neurotic mom. I can’t recommend this course enough!!”

- Katie (8 month old)


- KRISTINA (3 Month Old)

“Being a first time mom during the pandemic was really hard. I was feeling isolated and a bit lost. Finding this course and forming friendships with the other parents in the group, all going through similar struggles, made me feel so much less alone. Having those Friday calls was an anchor in my week and gave me something to look forward to.”

- Becca (6 month old)

“I was getting easily frustrated, overwhelmed and losing my temper with my daughter. And as much as I beat myself up after the fact, it just kept happening. When I signed up for The Authentic Parent I thought it would help me learn about my daughter, I didn’t expect it to teach me so much about myself! During the course I was able to identify the reason why certain behaviors triggered me and learned some coping strategies that have helped me to be more patient and understanding - both to my child and to myself. I can’t thank Dr. Sarah enough for helping me work toward breaking the cycle!”

- Jill (13 month old)

6 video modules of trainings

Teaching you the foundational insights into your child’s development, the parent-child relationship, and how to understand the root cause of various parenting challenges so you can respond with confidence and a customized plan.

$1800 value

Workbooks & resources

With each module, you'll get corresponding reflective exercises, recommended reading list, and workbook, so you can put what you learn into practice immediately.

$650 value

6 weekly, live group coaching calls

With Dr. Sarah Bren. Where you will be able to troubleshoot, dive deeper into specific topics, and create a sense of community with like minded parents.

$2400 value

Access to an exclusive community

Exclusive access to private, non-facebook group platform just for parents in the course so you can connect, share wins, combat isolation, and build a community.

$500 value

Inside The Authentic Parent you get...

wondering what's included?

What sets this course apart?

A diverse group of parents:

Unlike traditional moms’ groups that segregate you based on your child’s exact age, each cohort is comprised of moms and dads throughout different stages of parenthood - from expecting mamas, 4th trimester couples, parents to budding toddlers or second or third time moms and dads.

Based on a hallmark Montessori principle of multi-ages classrooms, this course utilizes the same confidence building framework in our weekly coaching calls.

Why it works:

It gives more seasoned parents a chance to share, lead and develop confidence, looking back and realizing, I actually know more than I give myself credit for. And parents earlier in their journey get the opportunity to learn from their peers, develop a deeper understanding of what to expect and feel comforted seeing parents who have gotten to the other side of their own parenting challenge.

What ends up happening:

Parents in all stages of life realize they’re not alone and many of their fears, insecurities and frustrations are universally held experience - making everyone from a true community and feel less alone.

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Want to confidently move through parenthood during your child's first year?

●  The postpartum period and changing identities
●  The unique needs of a newborn
●  Understanding your child’s temperament and personality

module one

Postpartum Period

By the end of this module you will anticipate the changes that the whole family will experience (you, baby, partner) so that you're feeling in control and grounded in the process. We will cover the ins and outs of the postpartum period, AKA the "fourth trimester" so you can develop an understanding of the changes that happen in your brain and body that impact your shifting identity.

You will learn how to prepare for those changes so they feel like growth rather than disruptions. In this module we will also cover the changes your child will experience in this period, and how understanding and anticipating these changes will help you to respond to them skillfully, calmly, and in a way that increases connection and security for your child.

●  Identifying your values
●  Aligning your values with others
●  Understanding the different parenting styles

module two

Finding Your Authentic Parenting Voice

By the end of this module, you will feel rooted in your parenting values and know how to trust and use your authentic parenting voice. You will understand how your own family history and lived experience come together to inform the parent you want to be.

You will also understand the factors that can get in the way of you showing up as that authentic parent. Things like trauma, fear, intense floods of emotions, perceived expectations of others — and how to untangle yourself from those weights so you can parent intentionally and in connection with your child.

●  Understanding how your past impacts the present
●  How do you view your child
●  Communicating with authenticity and respect

module three

Parenting & Communication

By the end of this module, you will have a deeper understanding of the ways your own upbringing and life experiences shape not only who you are but how you parent.

You will learn ways to break cycles and make conscious and intentional choices in building an authentic and attuned relationship with your child.

You will learn to respond to your child, rather than react to your own emotional triggers.

●  The nervous system and how to regulate it
●  Gross motor development
●  Milestones: Why they don’t tell you what you think they tell you
●  The importance of play

module four

Brain and Body

By the end of this module, you will know exactly what is happening in your child's brain and body when they are upset, so that you can respond from a place of calm and confidence rather than crisis and frustration. You will learn how to co-regulate with your child so that you can actually help move them through distress more quickly, while also building their resilience and setting them up for greater emotional health.

You will also learn how to support your child's milestone development by finding the balance between support and autonomy so you can relax as they move through development. Finally, you will learn how to foster independent play and how to leverage it to support creative problem solving, social-emotional learning, emotion regulation, and intrinsic motivation.

●  Sleep: the role it plays in brain development & how to get more of it for your baby and you
● Setting the stage for a healthy relationship with food from birth
● Baby gear: what you do and don't need

module five

Sleep, Feeding & Baby Gear

By the end of this module, you will feel confident in your ability to set the stage for your child to have a healthy relationship with food and with sleep. You will learn how to respond to your child's less obvious sleep cues and to understand the psychology behind sleep so you and your baby can get more of it.

You will also learn how to streamline your baby gear and toys, so you can create a home and play environment that is highly conducive to play while also feeling like your home is a calm and relaxing space free of mountains of baby stuff.

●  Discipline vs. Guiding: How to actually get your child to cooperate
●  Fostering intrinsic motivation
●  Taking care of yourself

module six

Family Harmony and Cooperation: Finding the Calm

By the end of this module, you will have confidence in your authority and voice as a parent to guide your child towards cooperation and participation in family tasks. You will learn how to set boundaries without having to yell or threaten, how to foster empathy, patience, and other prosocial behaviors in your child.

You'll also learn how to boost your child's emotion regulation, intrinsic motivation, and resilience. Plus, how to value your own self care and self compassion, so that you can show up for your child with your own cup full.


Module 00: Attachment Theory 101

This bonus module covers everything you need to know to foster secure attachment with your child,
from birth through adulthood.

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If you’re a first (or second) time parent and you want to feel empowered to trust your parenting instincts because you know they are rooted in psychology, neurobiology, and human development, then you’re in the right place.

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A working knowledge of human development, child psychology, and how the parent-child relationship can be your secret weapon in parenting

By the end of this course you will have...

The ability to look inward for guidance on parenting decisions you make so you can calmly and confidently respond to any problem that arises

An intimate understanding of your parenting values and have confidence in your parenting voice.

Trust in yourself and trust in your child, allowing you both to relax, connect, and enjoy the journey!

Join the waitlist to be notified when registration opens for the live 6-week program, with video modules, personalized coaching calls, workbooks and community access!

Want to confidently move through parenthood during your child's first year?

The FAQs you're wondering:

Join the waitlist to be notified when registration opens for the live 6-week program, with video modules, personalized coaching calls, workbooks and community access!

Want to confidently move through parenthood during your child's first year?