A psychologist's guide for creating a peaceful bedtime routine

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Addressing Sleep Struggles During the Toddler Years

Suggestions, strategies and tips for making your child's bedtime routine run more smoothly, from a psychologist  

Inside this guide you'll learn 7 actionable strategies:


Actionable changes you can make to your nightly routine to make for smoother transitions and alleviate the battle to go to bed

Pro Tips targeted to both you, as well as your child, that will allow you to take these strategies to the next level

Strategies to implement throughout the entire day, not just at bedtime, that will help your child say goodnight



This free guide offers 7 concrete strategies backed by peer-reviewed research and anecdotally tested in my own practice, that you can implement with your children today to turn your bedtime struggles into solutions.

If bedtime meltdowns and constant stalling tactics sound like your nightly routine, know you are far from alone in this. 

Sleep struggles are a common issue for many parents.

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