A psychologist's guide for making your mental health a priority during postpartum

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My Mental Health
Postpartum Checklist

Helping you get all your ducks in a row before your little duckling shows up

Create your personalized mental health checklist:


Have a game plan for developing and communicating your needs and boundaries to your partner, family and friends

Understand the warning signs and risk factors of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and know what to do if you start experiencing symptoms

Establish your physical and emotional support systems and create a cheat sheet of professional resources should you need some extra help



This checklist will help you create a personalized mental health support system for yourself, allowing you to feel more confident and relaxed, knowing you have a plan for whatever your unique postpartum experience may be.

There are so many resources for helping you plan your labor and delivery. But, what about preparing you to take your new little bundle home and dive head first into parenthood?

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