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Parenting Confidence 101:
Tapping into your parent-child relationship

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the "rules" of parenting and when (and how) to break them

To use the principles of attachment theory to work with your child’s brain and biology rather than against it

To harness the power of your parent-child relationship so you can accurately understand what your child is communicating



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The Authentic Parent

Hi, I am Sarah, a clinical psychologist specializing in family therapy and parenting support, and I am also a mom of 2. Before becoming a parent myself, my clinical work was primarily focused on helping adults learn to regulate out of control emotions and heal past attachment wounds.

Once I had children of my own, I realized these same therapeutic interventions I was using with my patients were informing how I was showing up every day for my child, and helping me to parent with more confidence and trust in myself and my son.

It was this awareness that led to a pivotal shift in the focus of my clinical work and I began educating parents about the processes of secure attachment and how to support healthy child development, with the hopes of giving parents the tools and the confidence to raise a next generation of children who were resilient, self confident, and less likely to end up in therapy with me as adults!

I'm Dr. Sarah Bren