When we become parents, whether consciously or not, we close one chapter in our lives and open a new one. This sudden transformation can leave us feeling dizzy with confusing and overwhelming emotions. It’s necessary to give yourself permission to mourn the life you no longer have, and allow yourself grace in embracing the person you’ve become.

This workbook will act as a stabilizing guide, helping you find your balance and grounding you during this time of transition. Actionable strategies, conversation starters and reflective questions will serve as your roadmap to successfully navigating through this shift.

Managing Your Shifting Identity In Parenthood

Do you want the exact grounding exercises I use with my patients when helping them process, cope with and manage the roller coaster of emotions that accompanies parenthood?

normally $37 now just $9



normally $37 now just $9

Apply what you're learning in real life

If you are tired of consuming endless streams of information just to find yourself forgetting the last thing you read and struggling to actually put things into action, this workbook is going to be your best friend!

It is designed specifically for expecting and new parents, to be a simple and actionable first step you can take. The workbook will help you understand and set proper expectations (of yourself and others) and then put this knowledge into use through tailored exercises that allow you to apply these lessons directly to your own unique life.

What's included?

Curated questions and thoughtful prompts will allow you to internalize these strategies and seamlessly integrate them into your own life.

Understanding what makes up your identity and how those defining characteristic influence your sense of self

Processing the shifts you're experiencing with yourself, your partner (if you have one) and your social circle

Allowing yourself to release your fantasies so you can feel present living in your current reality

Intentionally working toward shifting the allocation of time and energy you spend to help you find fulfillment in your life

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normally $37 now just $9


Many of the parenting decisions you have to make are hard - so I’m giving you an easy one! And to help you avoid analysis paralysis, I’ve started the clock so you can practice getting out of your head and start relying on your instincts. Trust your gut and purchase before the offer runs out!