Free guide with 5 tantrum reducing games

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Strengthen your child's emotion regulation skills through play

5 psychologist-approved games that help your child learn to calm their brain and bodies

Inside you'll learn 5 fun games to play that will:


increase your child's emotion regulation skills so they can learn to breathe, inhibit an impulse, and calm their bodies

Create neural pathways in your child's brain so they are actually able to access these tools when they need them most

Create a shorthand you can use with your child to help them calm down when they start to get upset



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Use play to hack your child's brain when they're most receptive to learning and create neural pathways that result in less frequent and intense tantrums

This guide will help you to understand what is happening in your child's brain and body when they're having a tantrum and teach you 5 fun and simple games to play outside of the hot tantrum moments that strengthen your child's emotion regulation skills and reduce tantrums in the long run!

Imagine being able to address a tantrum before it even happens...

Arm your child with several emotion regulation tools so they can learn to calm themselves before they get to full meltdown mode... most of the time.

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