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June is hard for parents! Get strategies, tips, and tricks for how you can make it a little easier (for you and your kids!)

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211. BTS: Why June sucks! (for parents and kids)

Distressed mom laying on the beach while kids scream in the background

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210. Independent sleeping: Practical solutions for getting your child to stay in their own bed with Eileen Henry

Two parents & two children all sleeping in the same bed

In this episode, sleep specialist Eileen Henry and I discuss a common challenge: how to get your child to make it all the way through the night in their own bed.

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209. BTS: How can I get my toddler to share?

Two toddlers playing with toys

Dr. Sarah (00:02): Ever wonder what psychologists moms talk about when we get together, whether we’re consulting one another about a challenging case or one of our own kids, or just leaning on each other when parenting feels hard, because trust me, even when we do this for a living, it’s still hard. Joining me […]

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208. Using Internal Family Systems to emotionally support mothers with the creators of The Mothercentric Approach

A smiling mom with her two children

In this episode, we’ll explore this metamorphosis and how the abrupt shift into motherhood can shatter our former identity into many different parts (and why that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing).

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