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Change is incredibly difficult for children, and if that change is related to who is taking care of them all day long, it’s exponentially more difficult. This is in large part because this kind of change is inherently at odds with two fundamental truth about kids…

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How to Help Your Child Transition to New Childcare

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Fight or Flight: What Every Parent Needs to Know

You are running late to get the kids out of the house and your toddler takes the diaper bag and dumps its entire contents on the floor, all while staring you dead in the eyes. You have the thought “he did this on purpose, he wants to push my buttons.” Immediately, you have a rush of blood to your face, tightness in your chest…

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Supporting Growing Families: Helping a Child Cope with a New Sibling

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How to introduce a new sibling to your child, help them cope with the changes, and reduce acting out and other problematic behavior.

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Parenting in the Pandemic: How to Keep Your Cool and Avoid Burnout in Quarantine

As we enter into our fourth week (or longer) of sheltering-in-place, many of us are finding our dynamics starting to shift at home. In some ways, things may be getting easier – maybe a rhythm has been established, rendering what at first felt foreign and chaotic into a new familiar. In other ways, though, the […]

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