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If you have a child with ADHD, you won’t want to miss this episode where we’re sharing personal insights, evidence-based techniques, and empowering strategies to guide parents on a journey towards fostering empathy, embracing your child’s strengths, and helping them reach their full potential.

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178. ADHD and attachment security: How to connect with and support your neurodiverse child with Dr. Norrine Russell

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167. BTS: What can parents do to help support their child with ADHD?

Young girl running outside during the winter

Practical strategies and advice to help parent create a supportive environment for their child with ADHD to learn, grow, and thrive.

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131. BTS: How do I help my child with ADHD utilize school support systems without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious?

How to use school support systems to help children with ADHD

Support your child with ADHD in getting the help they need in school without feeling self-conscious. Learn practical tips and conversation starters parents can use to help their child with learning difficulties thrive, both academically and emotionally.

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56. Setting your child’s brain up for success this summer: How to keep executive functioning skills strong without the structure of the school year

Executive functioning skills are the systems, structures and routines we establish in our daily life that make us successful. Do you always put the mail on the end table when you walk in the door? That’s a perfect example of this.

These skills are housed within the prefrontal cortex and that part of the brain isn’t fully developed until we are in our 20s! So all children, whether they are neurotypical or struggle with an executive functioning skills deficit like ADHD, can benefit from exercising this “muscle.”

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