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Support your child with ADHD in getting the help they need in school without feeling self-conscious. Learn practical tips and conversation starters parents can use to help their child with learning difficulties thrive, both academically and emotionally.

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131. BTS: How do I help my child with ADHD utilize school support systems without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious?

How to use school support systems to help children with ADHD

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125. BTS: Is it okay to let my child quit an activity?

Talking to children who want to quit

What do you do when your child tells you (or just shows you through their behaviors) that they want to quit an activity? Listen as 3 psychologist and moms weight in.

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120. Breaking the silence: A comprehensive breakdown of selective mutism with Dr. Carmen Tumialan Lynas

A comprehensive breakdown of selective mutism

How do you know whether your child has selective mutism or is just shy in certain situations? Joining me today to discuss selective mutism—an anxiety disorder that is characterized by the inability or refusal to speak in certain situations, despite being capable of speech in other settings—is Dr. Carmen Tumialan Lynas. Dr. Tumialan Lynas is a clinical psychologist and anxiety specialist and the founder of Advanced Therapeutic Solutions.

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65. Helping preschool parents prepare for drop-off, separation anxiety, and the development of social skills with Meredith Gary

Helping preschool parents prepare for drop-off & separation anxiety

Joining me this week to help parents learn how to guide their children through this transition is the co-director of the Downtown Little School, Meredith Gary.
From strategies for dealing with separation anxiety, to helpful tips to get your child out the door in the morning, to ways to foster your child’s connection to their teacher, this episode will help you feel prepared for the start of preschool!

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