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What can I do when saying stop, using positive language, and redirection seems to escalate my child’s dangerous behaviors.

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175. BTS: When I tell my child to stop, they just dig their heels in more—what can I do?

Child reaching at a stovetop with a burner on

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174. Back by popular demand: How to change your child’s behavior in just 3 weeks

Smiling toddler

For parents who want to learn my simple framework for how to change your child’s behavior in just 3 weeks! In this episode, I am breaking down the 10 simple steps I teach to the families in my clinical practice to help them make small shifts to their own behavior that will result in some big changes in their child.

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173. BTS: Preventing burnout when you have a sensitive child

Mother holding and comforting her crying daughter

How parents of sensitive children can optimize their time, energy, and parenting strategies to increase their bandwidth and reduce burnout.

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171. BTS: When school calls: How to address behavioral concerns from my child’s teacher?

Parent and teacher sitting in classroom and having a discussion

From working with your child’s teachers, to building skills at home, we’re breaking down what parents can do when your child is having behavioral problems at school.

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