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Navigating the complex terrain of youth sports while promoting positive body image and mental wellness! Joining me is Zoë Bisbing, a psychotherapist specializing in body image and eating disorders and the creator of Body-Positive Home.

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198. Youth sports and body image: Fostering positive body image and self-esteem in young athletes with Zoë Bisbing

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117. BTS: Is it okay to let my daughter play with Barbies?

Is it okay to let my daughter play with Barbies?

Are Barbies good or bad for kids? We’re breaking down the benefits and potential concerns based on the research on whether or not it’s healthy to allow children to play with Barbie dolls.

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103. Secure attachment vs. social media: Navigating their effects on body image from early childhood to teen years with Dr. Miriam Steele

How is social media impacting the way teens view themselves

Does attachment security impact our perception of our appearance and whether or not we have a positive or negative body image? Are mothers, consciously or unconsciously, passing down their own internalized feelings about weight and worth to their daughters? And how is social media impacting the way teen girls view themselves?

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57. Sex after baby: How to reconnect and increase intimacy with your partner with Chelsea Skaggs

For many couples, the birth of a child can bring with it a shift in their intimate relationship. Having a child triggers such a sudden and massive transition to our identity, our body and sometimes even our sex drive, so it makes perfect sense that new parents can often find themselves on different pages when […]

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