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Strategies parents can use to help your kids build independent play skills and foster overall independence.

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217. BTS: Is there a right and wrong way to encourage independent play?

Young child running through a sprinkler and playing independently

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212. Movement and motherhood: Expert advice on staying active throughout pregnancy and well into parenthood with Dr. Megan Roche

Pregnant women jogging

Join us for this inspiring and informative episode that blends scientific research with deeply personal stories, all aimed at empowering you to stay active, healthy, and happy during pregnancy and well into parenthood!

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211. BTS: Why June sucks! (for parents and kids)

Distressed mom laying on the beach while kids scream in the background

June is hard for parents! Get strategies, tips, and tricks for how you can make it a little easier (for you and your kids!)

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173. BTS: Preventing burnout when you have a sensitive child

Mother holding and comforting her crying daughter

How parents of sensitive children can optimize their time, energy, and parenting strategies to increase their bandwidth and reduce burnout.

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