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When your child disobeys you, what do you do? Learn how to choose the right consequences for lasting impact while walking the line between not being too permissive or too authoritative.

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137. BTS: What are appropriate consequences when my child doesn’t listen?

Learn how to choose the right consequences for children who disobey

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121. BTS: Is there something I can do to strengthen my child’s relationship with my ex?

Coparenting your child with your ex

A listener wonders if there are things she can do to repair the relationship ruptures between her ex and her child. Hear the advice Dr. Sarah Bren, Dr. Emily Upshur, and Dr. Rebecca Hershberg share with her!

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120. Breaking the silence: A comprehensive breakdown of selective mutism with Dr. Carmen Tumialan Lynas

A comprehensive breakdown of selective mutism

How do you know whether your child has selective mutism or is just shy in certain situations? Joining me today to discuss selective mutism—an anxiety disorder that is characterized by the inability or refusal to speak in certain situations, despite being capable of speech in other settings—is Dr. Carmen Tumialan Lynas. Dr. Tumialan Lynas is a clinical psychologist and anxiety specialist and the founder of Advanced Therapeutic Solutions.

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110. Is my child insecurely attached? Unraveling common misconceptions about attachment styles with Dr. Tanya Cotler

Is my child insecurely attached?

Secure and insecure attachment styles aren’t good or bad, they simply are. It can be tempting to label these things, but with that can come shame, guilt, and anxiety.
Here to help dispel some myths about attachment science and offer parents strategies for building their own ability to help their child feel understood and safe is Dr. Tanya Cotler.

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