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As couples embark on the journey of parenthood, their relationship naturally undergoes a huge transformation. However, in a society that often places excessive focus on children, it’s easy to overlook the vital need to nurture and prioritize our connection with our partner. Clinical psychologist Dr. Suzanne Burger is here to share valuable insights on how couples can maintain and strengthen their bond throughout the challenges of parenthood.

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144. Couple goals: Unlocking the secrets to a thriving partnership as you parent together with Dr. Suzanne Burger

Nurture and prioritize your connection with your partner

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121. BTS: Is there something I can do to strengthen my child’s relationship with my ex?

Coparenting your child with your ex

A listener wonders if there are things she can do to repair the relationship ruptures between her ex and her child. Hear the advice Dr. Sarah Bren, Dr. Emily Upshur, and Dr. Rebecca Hershberg share with her!

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106. Recognizing and overcoming codependency in parenthood with Alana Carvalho

spot the signs of codependency

Whether you are in a fully codependent relationship or not, there can be subtle things people do in romantic relationships, with friends, and within a parent-child relationship that can heighten aspects of codependency. Here to help parents spot the signs of codependency (whether in yourself or in your partner in parenting) and teach you strategies and behaviors to help you create a more healthy and secure relationship with your child is self-proclaimed “Codependent Perfectionist” and LMHC Alana Carvalho.

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42. Busting divorce myths and breaking down the true effect it has on children: A conversation with Michelle Dempsey-Multack

The dissolution of a family unit when parents separate or divorce is a difficult thing for everyone involved, parents and children alike. But, that doesn’t have to mean it will be contentious and detrimental. In this episode I am joined by certified divorce specialist and the author of Moms Moving On, Michelle Dempsey-Multack. We’ll be […]

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