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It is important we give ourselves permission to not always get it right in parenting. But after we do have a messy moment, it’s also important we know how to reconnect to create a sense of trust and intimacy in our parent-child relationship.  I’ve invited Dana Rosenbloom, founder of Dana’s Kids, back on the show […]

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45. The importance of proper repair after rupture: Strengthening our parent-child relationships with Dana Rosenbloom

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27. What do you do when your child says “I’m stupid,” “I hate myself,” “I’m a bad kid,” or worse with Dr. Emily Upshur

Dr. Emily Upshur joins me again this week to help a mom whose son is getting frustrated and calling himself “stupid” and “bad.” If you’ve been there, you may have felt yourself start to panic when you hear your son or daughter say similar words.

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06. Teaching children emotion regulation skills through coregulation with Dana Rosenbloom

Coregulation techniques are an effective tool parents can utilize to help their children calm down after they’ve lost their cool or during meltdown moments. In this episode, Dana Rosenbloom and I will walk you through the steps you can take to coregulate, cover the advantages of doing so, and help you set realistic expectations – for your children and for yourself.

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