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The cure to burnout is not about quick fixes or a day at the spa; we’ll talk about the personal and systemic changes that need to be implemented and prioritized in order to support an entire generation of parents faced with unreasonably high expectations and battling constant parenting guilt.

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67. Parents are burnt out: A breakdown of what went wrong and how we can prioritize our own mental health with Shelley Kemmerer

How we can prioritize our own mental health

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29. Self-care strategies to reduce stress, increase confidence and prevent burnout in parenthood with Dr. Erin O’Connor

Self-care can feel self-indulgent or even just inaccessible to parents. For many of us, while we know it’s important, we just can’t seem to carve out the time to add it into our already packed routine. Co-creator of Scientific Mommy and co-host of the Parenting Understood podcast , Dr. Erin O’Conner and I redefine what self-care looks like and offer strategies for incorporating it into our life – from ways to reduce stress, to increase opportunities for play (for your kids and yourself!) and how to reevaluate our over-scheduled lives.

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20. How will masks impact children’s language and social-emotional development? A conversation with SLP Becky Birkenfeld

How will masks impact our children’s development? Joining me is speech-language pathologist Becky Birkenfeld. Becky talks about what she’s observed in her practice, ways she’s feeling reassured about language development during ther pandemic, and actionable steps parents can take to foster communication skills with their child.

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