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What can we do to feel more joy? One huge factor may involve how and how much time we devote to play. Here to discuss ways we can infuse more fun into parenthood is the author of the new book The Fun Habit, Dr. Mike Rucker.

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92. Is fun the antidote to burnout? How play could be the key to mental health and well-being with Dr. Mike Rucker

Play could be the key to mental health and well-being

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89. Fostering deep and meaningful relationships: How to resolve conflict, prioritize our needs, and set appropriate boundaries with Dr. Rick Hanson

Making Great Relationships

Life is all about who we spend it with. But relationships—with ourselves, our partners, our children, and especially our extended family—can be complicated. Joining me to talk about his new book, Making Great Relationships, and to offer strategies for fostering healthy, effective, and fulfilling relationships of all kinds is neuropsychologist and NY Times best-selling author, Dr. Rick Hanson.

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76. Secure attachment is optimal, but insecure attachment may not be as bad as we think: A conversation with attachment researcher Dr. Or Dagan

Insecure attachment may not be as bad as we think

Whether you’ve never heard about attachment theory before or you’re deep in the trenches of unpacking your own attachment style and working to re-parenting yourself, this conversation where we dispel some of the most common fears and anxieties about attachment theory that have parents striving for perfection (and beating themselves up when they inevitably can’t hit that), discuss the difference between separation anxiety and insecure attachment, and translate the current studies to be simple, relatable and applicable to your everyday life will have you feeling confident and empowered in your parenting! Here to answer these questions and discuss the finding of his research on attachment theory is Dr. Or Dagan.

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66. Busting parenting gender stereotypes: A dad’s perspective on respectful parenting with Eli Weinstein

A dad's perspective on respectful parenting

Peek into the mind of a dad, discuss the importance of men finding their own community of support, and share the strategies he and his wife have implemented to help them create a true partnership in parenthood.

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