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Helping our children learn to understand, process, and make sense of their emotions can be pivotal for fostering their mental well-being all the way into adulthood. Join me for an enlightening conversation that promises to empower you as a parent or caregiver is the author of the new book TINY HUMANS, BIG EMOTIONS, Alyssa Blask Campbell.

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140. How understanding our child’s sensory sensitivities can help us strength their emotional intelligence with Alyssa Blask Campbell

Helping children make sense of their emotions

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107. A parenting playbook for new dads: What it means to be a father with Kendall Smith

What it means to be a father

New parenthood is full of challenges, twists, and turns. But particularly for men who were raised by single mothers, becoming a father can sometimes feel like they are forced to forge a new path without having a roadmap for how it’s done. Joining me today to talk about his own experience of becoming a dad and the lessons he learned is the author of Rookie Father, Kendall Smith.

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15. Expanding the postpartum conversation: How PMADs can affect new fathers with Dr. Emily Upshur

Did you know that fathers and non-birthing partners can suffer from a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder – though PMADs often present a bit differently. In this episode, Dr. Emily Upshur and I discuss the symptoms new fathers can experience, how you can support your partner through this, and when and where to go to seek help.

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