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When it comes to healthy eating habits, it’s essential to focus on balance and trust rather than strict rules or restrictions – which for many of us, is the exact opposite of the way we were raised. Amelia Sherry, registered dietitian/nutritionist and the author of Diet-Proof Your Daughter, is joining me today to talk about ways parents can make this mindset shift in order to support and nurture their child’s healthy relationship to food.

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116. Transform mealtimes: Expert tips for raising healthy eaters with Amelia Sherry

Expert tips for raising healthy eaters

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How is social media impacting the way teens view themselves

Does attachment security impact our perception of our appearance and whether or not we have a positive or negative body image? Are mothers, consciously or unconsciously, passing down their own internalized feelings about weight and worth to their daughters? And how is social media impacting the way teen girls view themselves?

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