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Learn how to use age-appropriate positive parenting approaches with your child as they mature and grow.

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205. BTS: How can I use a positive parenting approach with my older kids?

Mom talking to her daughter

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169. BTS: Is it okay to bribe my kids to get them to cooperate?

Child licking a large rainbow colored lollipop

We’re diving into the research on whether bribing your kids can be harmful and offering you additional tools to increase your kid’s cooperation.

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165. BTS: Are there effective strategies for curbing biting before toddlerhood?

A child biting someone's arm

Effective tips and strategies for disciplining your baby or young child when they bite you or another kid.

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155. BTS: How can we implement consequences that teach, not just punish, our kids?

child sticking her tongue out while being scolded by her mom

Learn practical strategies for setting effective consequences in parenting that can shape your child’s behaviors.

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