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Get practical strategies for parents torn between comforting your baby and fostering their independence and resilience when they cry to be held by you.

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179. BTS: How do I support my child through distress without rescuing them immediately?

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61. Giving our children enough space to grow and learn: Raising self-confident and resilient children with Nellie Harden

Raising self-confident and resilient children

In this episode we’ll talk about why and how you can use your parent-child relationship as an incredibly effective motivator for kids, how to help children understand the difference between fair and equal by breaking it down into terms they can understand, how trusting in your children teaches them to trust in themselves, and many other valuable lessons every parent will want to learn!

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09. Child favoring one parent? Strategies that strengthen bonds and foster flexibility: Q&A with Dr. Emily Upshur

If favoring one parent over another is an issue in your family you won’t want to miss this episode! Dr. Emily Usphur and I will help a mom struggling with a toddler who only wants her, causing her to cave in to avoid meltdowns and leaving her feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

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