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If you have a child with ADHD, you won’t want to miss this episode where we’re sharing personal insights, evidence-based techniques, and empowering strategies to guide parents on a journey towards fostering empathy, embracing your child’s strengths, and helping them reach their full potential.

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178. ADHD and attachment security: How to connect with and support your neurodiverse child with Dr. Norrine Russell

Frustrated child doing homework

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170. Debunking the myth of learning styles: What the research actually says are the best ways to teach our children with Dr. Dan Willingham

Young girl raising her hand in class

Would you say you’re a 👁️ visual or an 👂🏼 auditory learner? What if I told you that the research has actually debunked the theory that learning styles even exist? So, then what actually is the best way for helping our kids to learn, feel successful, and become resilient?

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146. The hidden dangers of an achievement centric approach with Jennifer Breheny Wallace

Young girl showing an A+ grade on her homework

With her extensive research and thought-provoking insights, author of the NY Times best selling book Never Enough, Jennifer Breheny Wallace brings to the forefront the challenges our children face in this high-pressure world.

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132. How to move out of power struggles and into cooperation with Jen Lumanlan

How to Use Connection and Collaboration to Transform Your Family

Do you feel like you are constantly ping-ponging between two extremes—throwing around your authority and overpowering your child or feeling like they’re running the show? Jen Lumanlan, the creator of Your Parenting Mojo and the author of the new book, Parenting Beyond Power: How to Use Connection and Collaboration to Transform Your Family—and the World, is helping parents learn how to embark on a journey towards harmonious family life and a better world!

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