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Does “healthy aggression” release a child’s anger or just make them behave more aggressively in the long run?

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215. BTS: Does teaching my kid to punch a pillow when they’re mad make them more aggressive?

Young child showing his angry face

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214. Raising emotionally intelligent sons: Parenting boys to combat “toxic masculinity” with Ruth Whippman

A mother hugging her son

We’re diving into the complexities of raising boys during a transformative time in history with our special guest, Ruth Whippman. Ruth is an acclaimed author whose latest book, BoyMom, masterfully blends memoir, cultural critique, and reporting.

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203. BTS: What strategies can help me be more attuned to my child?

Am other and daughter touching foreheads and looking at eachother

What can I do to be more attuned to my child, especially when their cues and needs are difficult to decipher?

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48. The difference between a tantrum and a meltdown: Q&A with Dr. Emily Upshur

Difference between a tantrum and a meltdown

Did you know there is a difference between a tantrum and a meltdown? Do you know what that difference is?

Dr. Emily Upshur, from Upshur Bren Psychology Group, is back to answer those questions and help arm parents with the tools they need to best support their child through each. We’ll discuss what is happening in your child’s brain and body when they’re dysregulated, why these aren’t manipulative behaviors, and address the misconception that parents need to ignore bad behavior as a means of not reinforcing it.

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