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Learn what parents can to to lessen the likelihood of your child becoming a people pleaser.

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187. BTS: How can I parent my daughter so she doesn’t become a people pleaser?

Child with hands over her mouth

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148. Unlocking the power of polyvagal theory: Using the nervous system to wire our children for resilience, with Seth Porges

Women grabbing the back of her neck to relieve pain

Did you know that understanding the intricate ways our nervous system responds to our environment can actually help us raise children who are resilient, healthy, and mindful?

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106. Recognizing and overcoming codependency in parenthood with Alana Carvalho

spot the signs of codependency

Whether you are in a fully codependent relationship or not, there can be subtle things people do in romantic relationships, with friends, and within a parent-child relationship that can heighten aspects of codependency. Here to help parents spot the signs of codependency (whether in yourself or in your partner in parenting) and teach you strategies and behaviors to help you create a more healthy and secure relationship with your child is self-proclaimed “Codependent Perfectionist” and LMHC Alana Carvalho.

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61. Giving our children enough space to grow and learn: Raising self-confident and resilient children with Nellie Harden

Raising self-confident and resilient children

In this episode we’ll talk about why and how you can use your parent-child relationship as an incredibly effective motivator for kids, how to help children understand the difference between fair and equal by breaking it down into terms they can understand, how trusting in your children teaches them to trust in themselves, and many other valuable lessons every parent will want to learn!

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