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Click here to listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify In honor of World Autism Month I am speaking with an expert in the field of autism treatment and the author of the new book, Hidden Brilliance: Unlocking the Intelligence of Autism, Dr. Lynn Kern Koegel. Whether your child has Autism or not, […]

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97. Treating autism with a strength based approach: And how all parents can use this method to help their child reach their greatest potential with Dr. Lynn Kern Koegel

World Autism Month

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10. Is it picky eating or a feeding disorder? How to handle both with feeding therapist Rebecca Taskin

I’m joined by feeding therapist and SLP, Rebecca Taskin. Together we discuss the developmental and psychological reasons behind why toddlers are often picky eaters and the strategies parents can employ to help gently push their children out of their comfort zone and into trying more foods. Plus, we offer guidance to parents who are worried that their child may have a feeding disorder and tips for how to identify the signs.

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09. Child favoring one parent? Strategies that strengthen bonds and foster flexibility: Q&A with Dr. Emily Upshur

If favoring one parent over another is an issue in your family you won’t want to miss this episode! Dr. Emily Usphur and I will help a mom struggling with a toddler who only wants her, causing her to cave in to avoid meltdowns and leaving her feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

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06. Teaching children emotion regulation skills through coregulation with Dana Rosenbloom

Coregulation techniques are an effective tool parents can utilize to help their children calm down after they’ve lost their cool or during meltdown moments. In this episode, Dana Rosenbloom and I will walk you through the steps you can take to coregulate, cover the advantages of doing so, and help you set realistic expectations – for your children and for yourself.

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