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New parenthood is full of challenges, twists, and turns. But particularly for men who were raised by single mothers, becoming a father can sometimes feel like they are forced to forge a new path without having a roadmap for how it’s done. Joining me today to talk about his own experience of becoming a dad and the lessons he learned is the author of Rookie Father, Kendall Smith.

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107. A parenting playbook for new dads: What it means to be a father with Kendall Smith

What it means to be a father

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99. Buying, living, and teaching sustainability: Simple steps that can help save our planet with The New York Stylist, Liz Teich

Simple steps that can help save our planet

Practical tips for making your wardrobe last longer, to suggestions for carefully curating the pieces and toys in your home, this episode will be the perfect way for you to kick off thinking about manageable shifts you can make to take care of the planet this Earth Day and beyond.

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23. Nurturing your child’s relationship to music with musician and dad Mark Joseph

Music is a fantastic tool through which we can foster community, attunement and joy. I’ll pick Mark Joseph’s brain on how he supports his own children’s love of music and integrates it into his parenting. And through this lens we’ll discuss some universal topics, like different learning styles, fostering intrinsic motivation, and navigating societal pressures and expectations.

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17. Busting parents’ biggest sleep myths to turn bedtime from stressful to restful with Lauren Wolf

There are so many sleep myths that cause parents to feel unnecessary pressure, worry, and guilt. In today’s episode, I’m joined by infant and child sleep consultant, Lauren Wolf. We’ll be busting some of these myths, answering the questions parents ask her most, and offering you tools you can use to create a healthy foundation for your child’s sleep routine.

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