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Toddlers are often misunderstood. They’re no longer babies, yet they still have very little knowledge of the world and the way things work—something that is easy to forget when we are constantly being blown away by their maturity and developmental leaps at this age.

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90. Seeing the world through your toddler’s eyes: Helping your child feel seen, understood, and validated with the co-authors of the Terrific Toddlers series

Seeing the world through your toddler's eyes

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86. How to mindfully parent a threenager: Navigating power struggles, limit testing, and excessive no’s with your 3-year-old

Navigating 3-year-old power struggles

When our kids hit 3 years old we can start to see some new behaviors and attitudes come online. At this age children often want to exert their power and independence, and seem to find a new favorite word—“no!”

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