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This week my conversation about finding the beauty in life and learning to accept the inevitability of death with Rabbi Steve Leder continues.

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194. Confronting death to find a deeper meaning in life: A continuation of my conversation with Rabbi Steve Leder

Mourning child standing next to an open casket

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192. Death, grief, and parenting: How we can help our kids make sense of and make peace with death with Rabbi Steve Leder

Women holding flowers at a funeral while touching a casket

Having to explain and help our kids process and grasp the concept of death, whether in a moment where it affects them personally, or simply as a concept as a whole, can be a particularly challenging conversation for parents to navigate. Joining me is for this episode is Rabbi Steve Leder.

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83. Parenting through loss: Navigating the struggles of infertility, miscarriages, and loss in parenthood with Dr. Shara Brofman

Parenting through loss

Family planning isn’t easy for all parents. And having an uncomplicated or full-term pregnancy once does not guarantee the same results the next time around.

Parenting while coping with any form of reproductive loss, be that unsuccessful IVF attempts, miscarriages, stillbirths, and beyond can be a grueling reality for many families.

Here to discuss how to navigate fertility struggles in parenthood is clinical psychologist Dr. Shara Brofman.

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