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Our past experiences shape our present behaviors and patterns, but by working toward healing our inner child, we can make meaningful shifts! Jennifer Nurick joins me to discuss a profound way to approach healing by integrating many treatment approaches, including attachment theory, Internal Family Systems, EMDR, somatic psychotherapy, and more.

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200. Healing our inner child in order to combat insecure attachment patterns with Jennifer Nurick

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144. Couple goals: Unlocking the secrets to a thriving partnership as you parent together with Dr. Suzanne Burger

Nurture and prioritize your connection with your partner

As couples embark on the journey of parenthood, their relationship naturally undergoes a huge transformation. However, in a society that often places excessive focus on children, it’s easy to overlook the vital need to nurture and prioritize our connection with our partner. Clinical psychologist Dr. Suzanne Burger is here to share valuable insights on how couples can maintain and strengthen their bond throughout the challenges of parenthood.

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