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Joining me is the founder of Not Safe For Mom Group, Alexis Barad-Cutler. We have a raw and honest conversation about what it means to be a caregiver today, the effects COVID-19 has had on mothers in the workforce and Chamber of Mothers, a passion project she is the co-founded of, aimed at fighting for mothers’ rights including paid family leave, plus how you can get involved.

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34. The pressures of motherhood in our society: And how we can come together to feel less alone with Alexis Barad-Cutler

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27. What do you do when your child says “I’m stupid,” “I hate myself,” “I’m a bad kid,” or worse with Dr. Emily Upshur

Dr. Emily Upshur joins me again this week to help a mom whose son is getting frustrated and calling himself “stupid” and “bad.” If you’ve been there, you may have felt yourself start to panic when you hear your son or daughter say similar words.

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24. The psychology behind dysregulation with founder of Parenting Translator Cara Goodwin

Cara Goodwin and I are simplifying the science of emotional regulation in the brain and body of children – diving deeper into parenting scripts to help you understand the “why” beneath the words. We’re tackling everything from dysregulation, to coregulation, aggressive behaviors, and the benefits of modeling, plus strategies for effective communication.

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23. Nurturing your child’s relationship to music with musician and dad Mark Joseph

Music is a fantastic tool through which we can foster community, attunement and joy. I’ll pick Mark Joseph’s brain on how he supports his own children’s love of music and integrates it into his parenting. And through this lens we’ll discuss some universal topics, like different learning styles, fostering intrinsic motivation, and navigating societal pressures and expectations.

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