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Explore the benefits of Integrative Attachment Family Therapy and its application in parenting. Dafna Lender discusses building resilient connections through play, co-regulation, and understanding children’s needs, emphasizing the importance of addressing parent-child relationships and navigating challenging behaviors.

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162. Transforming Relationships: How Integrative Attachment Family Therapy can deepen bonds with Dafna Lender

Baby laying on his mothers chest while holding her face and smiling

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160. Why one size-fits-all parenting doesn’t work and how to parent for the way YOUR child is wired with Dr. Danielle Dick

Stands of DNA

Here to talk about the impact of DNA, environmental factors, and the interplay between a child’s actions and a parent’s response is Dr. Danielle Dick. Dr. Dick is the author of The Child Code and an internationally recognized and award-winning expert on genetic and environmental influences on human behavior.

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118. How nurturing shapes our child’s brain and sets them up for lifelong mental health with Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum

The Nurture Revolution

How does the way we treat our children affect the makeup of their brains? And how can we use this knowledge to raise children in a style that optimizes their physical, emotional, and mental health? That is precisely what Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum shares in her new book, The Nurture Revolution.

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