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The care we provide for mothers, helping them to feel seen and supported, not only changes the way they internalize their self worth, but the trajectory of the perceived value they internalize and pass along to their children. Joining me in this episode is Chanel Porchia-Albert, the founder and Chief Executive Director of Ancient Song Doula Services and activist in the fight for birth equality for all, regardless of race, location, or socio economic status.

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124. Finding support in pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenthood with Doula and activist Chanel Porchia-Albert

Options for soon-to-be expecting parents

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91. Addressing the crushing weight of parenthood: How to lighten the load in pregnancy and parenthood with Dr. Christine Sterling

How to lighten the load in pregnancy and parenthood

Do you feel the pressure to get everything “right”? We know the scientifically proven effects stress has on parents. And what’s more, how this parental stress can negatively impact our children. And yet, we still lack proper support systems for caregivers and families.

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58. How to ease your child’s anxiety for doctors visits: A conversation with pediatrician Dr. Rachel Geronemus

ease your child's anxiety for doctors visits

There is no shortage of doctor visits and wellness checks during your child’s first few years. And that can cause some apprehension and anxiety for both parents and children. I am so excited to welcome my family’s own pediatrician, Dr. Rachel Geronemus, onto the podcast to fill us all in on what pediatricians want parents […]

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50. Addressing a broken system: How to prioritize your mental and physical health during complicated pregnancies with high-risk OB/GYN Dr. Tracy Shevell

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I want to highlight the importance of finding trusted resources women can turn to for maternal mental health support through pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum. Joining me today is Dr. Tracy Shevell. We’ll discuss her almost 20 years of experience in a hospital setting that led her to believe […]

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