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June is hard for parents! Get strategies, tips, and tricks for how you can make it a little easier (for you and your kids!)

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211. BTS: Why June sucks! (for parents and kids)

Distressed mom laying on the beach while kids scream in the background

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207. BTS: How can I help my child maintain their friendships over the summer?

Five smiling kids playing in the summertime

How to help your child make, maintain, and deepen their friendships – especially over the summer when they are outside of the classroom.

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204. The science of “mom-rage” and how to use mindfulness as a tool for being less reactive with Diana Winston

A mother screaming at her daughter

From neurological changes during pregnancy to the demands of parenthood, we explore the science behind “mom-rage” and how mindfulness can help rewire our responses.

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196. Cooking Up Inclusivity: Nurturing open mindedness in kids through food with Priya Krishna

Young child baking a cake

Discover how you can use food to teach your children about acceptance, tolerance, and the beauty of cultural diversity! Joining me is Priya Krishna. Priya is a food reporter and video host for the New York Times and the bestselling author of multiple cookbooks including her new kid’s cookbook, Priya’s Kitchen Adventures.

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