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Delve into the transformative power of storytelling across the spectrum of parenthood, identity, and navigating life’s challenges.

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190. The power of stories in parenthood: Representation, identity, social media, and the “rules” of parenthood with L’Oreal Thompson Payton

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134. Change your child’s behavior in just 3 weeks: How to create your own personalized action plan

How to create your own personalized action plan

Want to learn how to change your child’s behavior in just 3 weeks? In this episode, I am breaking down the 10 simple steps I teach to the families in my clinical practice to help them make small shifts to their own behavior that will result in some big changes in their child. Plus, download my interactive workbook for an easy-to-follow, customized game plan you can use to start seeing meaningful change leading to more cooperation and family harmony!

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37. Finding your confidence in your child’s first year: Two moms share their experience

Two of my former The Authentic Parent students talk about their experiences becoming moms for the first and second time, and how they’ve handled the transitions, challenges, triumphs and joys and built their own community of support. If you’re interested in The Authentic Parent: Finding Your Confidence in Your Child’s First Year, go to drsarahbren.com/TAP to learn more.

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