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Find out how your child’s pediatrician can become an invaluable resource for YOU in your parenting journey. Here to discuss the nuances of what is normal when it comes to childhood milestones, reassuring parents that the journey isn’t one-size-fits-all, is board certified pediatrician Dr. Jessica Hochman.

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152. Combating milestone anxiety: What to know about child development from pediatrician Dr. Jessica Hochman

Pediatrician performing a medical check-up on a new born

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58. How to ease your child’s anxiety for doctors visits: A conversation with pediatrician Dr. Rachel Geronemus

ease your child's anxiety for doctors visits

There is no shortage of doctor visits and wellness checks during your child’s first few years. And that can cause some apprehension and anxiety for both parents and children. I am so excited to welcome my family’s own pediatrician, Dr. Rachel Geronemus, onto the podcast to fill us all in on what pediatricians want parents […]

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