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Is it time to say goodbye to the pacifier? Learn when and how to pull the pacifier from your child while prioritizing their mental wellbeing and connection to you!

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109. BTS: When and how should we pull the pacifier?

Is it time to pull the pacifier?

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63. Potty training, bed wetting and constipation: A conversation about pediatric pelvic health with Quiara Smith

Potty training, bed wetting and constipation

Whether potty training isn’t going as planned, or you’re just nervous about gearing up to undertake your child’s’ transition out of diapers, that added pressure, frustration and anxiety can create a vicious cycle, making potty learning more difficult— for you and your child.

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53. Positive parenting isn’t permissive parenting: How to integrate effective discipline that prioritizes emotional and mental health with Sarah R. Moore

Positive, gentle, respectful or responsive parenting–whatever you call it, there are many societal misconceptions about what these styles are. Here to help me bust some myths and dig into the research and brain science is Sarah R. Moore. From intergenerational transmission of parenting styles, redefining our goals, and the importance of strengthening mental and emotional health in our children, you won’t want to miss this deep dive into WHY these new parenting styles are effective.

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26. Redefining trauma informed parenting: How parents can utilize this framework for all children with Robyn Gobbel

Robyn Gobbel and help parents understand the difference between acute trauma and chronic trauma, how our own experiences can affect the way we show up in the world (including the way we parent), and actionable techniques you can use to bring yourself back to center when you’re feeling anxious or detached that can actually rewire your brain and your nervous system to allow you to stay calm and regulated in those overwhelming moments.

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