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Every postpartum is different! So whether this is your first time being pregnant or you have done this before, surrounding yourself with the proper support during this period of transition is key.

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95. Are we ever really done being postpartum? Redefining what it means to be postpartum with Mama Psychologists’ Dr. Chelsea Bodie

Tackling what it means to be a modern mama

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50. Addressing a broken system: How to prioritize your mental and physical health during complicated pregnancies with high-risk OB/GYN Dr. Tracy Shevell

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I want to highlight the importance of finding trusted resources women can turn to for maternal mental health support through pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum. Joining me today is Dr. Tracy Shevell. We’ll discuss her almost 20 years of experience in a hospital setting that led her to believe […]

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30. Preparing your mind and body for pregnancy, birth and postpartum with The Bloom Method’s Brooke Cates

The creator of The Bloom Method, Brooke Cates and I discuss ways women can feel empowered and attuned to their body throughout the transformative process of pregnancy, address ways to deal with fear surrounding birth, and offer suggestions for practices like breathing, core and mindfulness exercises to help women throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

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28. An honest look at respectful parenting: The 5 parenting “rules” I break as a mom

I am getting real and letting you know 5 parenting “rules” that I break with my own kids and why I give myself permission to be imperfect! It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it. And when we understand this, it opens us up to tune into our own instincts rather than following some predetermined and external parenting “rules.”

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