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Helping our children learn to understand, process, and make sense of their emotions can be pivotal for fostering their mental well-being all the way into adulthood. Join me for an enlightening conversation that promises to empower you as a parent or caregiver is the author of the new book TINY HUMANS, BIG EMOTIONS, Alyssa Blask Campbell.

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140. How understanding our child’s sensory sensitivities can help us strength their emotional intelligence with Alyssa Blask Campbell

Helping children make sense of their emotions

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134. Change your child’s behavior in just 3 weeks: How to create your own personalized action plan

How to create your own personalized action plan

Want to learn how to change your child’s behavior in just 3 weeks? In this episode, I am breaking down the 10 simple steps I teach to the families in my clinical practice to help them make small shifts to their own behavior that will result in some big changes in their child. Plus, download my interactive workbook for an easy-to-follow, customized game plan you can use to start seeing meaningful change leading to more cooperation and family harmony!

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129. BTS: How can I support my sensitive, “spicy,” highly emotional child?

Working through big emotions and feelings of shame

When children have a sensitive nervous system it can be hard for them to regulate their emotions and stay calm and in control. In this episode we’ll help a listener support her “spicy” daughter as she works through her big emotions and feelings of shame.

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24. The psychology behind dysregulation with founder of Parenting Translator Cara Goodwin

Cara Goodwin and I are simplifying the science of emotional regulation in the brain and body of children – diving deeper into parenting scripts to help you understand the “why” beneath the words. We’re tackling everything from dysregulation, to coregulation, aggressive behaviors, and the benefits of modeling, plus strategies for effective communication.

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