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We’re answering one mom’s question about what to consider after her preschool son asked to paint his nails.

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183. BTS: What is the best way to allow my preschooler to play with gender norms?

Young boy wearing an astronaut costume and skirt

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161. BTS: What can I do to ensure my child doesn’t feel pressure to perform for other adults?

Child playing piano while her Grandparents stand behind her and enjoy the music

Effective strategies and empowering responses for parents wondering how to tactfully handle requests for their child to perform for other adults

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153. BTS: Does using Elf on the Shelf undermine my respectful parenting philosophy?

elf ornament in a Christmas tree

Does incorporating Elf on the Shelf into your holiday traditions challenge the principles of respectful parenting?

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142. Becoming the parents your kids deserve with Gary John Bishop

Uncover the secrets to nurturing secure attachments

How does our perception of life shape our sense of self? And how can we teach our children to examine the meaning they make of their feelings and experiences to help them learn to be intentional in their actions? Prepare to expand your horizons, reconsider your perspective, and embark on a transformational journey with this week’s guest and the author of GROW UP: Becoming the Parents Your Kids Deserve, Gary John Bishop.

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