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Peer rejection in toddlerhood is a normal and healthy part of development. While it may take some work for us to calm our own fight or flight response so we can be open to this, it can be helpful to try to lean in and open up a dialogue with our children in these instances so that we may build their compassion, empathy and social awareness.

Joining me today is the co-founder of our practice, Upshur Bren Psychology Group, Dr. Emily Upshur. We’ll dive deep into many of the ways we can do this with our young children, offering you tools and thought provoking prompts—whether your child is the aggressor or the recipient—to help you and your child navigate peer rejection.

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73. I don’t want to play with you: How to handle peer rejection in toddlerhood Q&A with Dr. Emily Upshur

How to handle peer rejection in toddlerhood

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