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Embark on a journey of self-exploration that will empower you to rewrite your attachment narrative! Joining me to share her expertise on attachment patterns in adult relationships is psychotherapist and the author of the new book Your Pocket Therapist, Dr. Annie Zimmerman.

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166. The fluidity of secure and insecure attachment patterns with Dr. Annie Zimmerman

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162. Transforming Relationships: How Integrative Attachment Family Therapy can deepen bonds with Dafna Lender

Baby laying on his mothers chest while holding her face and smiling

Explore the benefits of Integrative Attachment Family Therapy and its application in parenting. Dafna Lender discusses building resilient connections through play, co-regulation, and understanding children’s needs, emphasizing the importance of addressing parent-child relationships and navigating challenging behaviors.

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160. Why one size-fits-all parenting doesn’t work and how to parent for the way YOUR child is wired with Dr. Danielle Dick

Stands of DNA

Here to talk about the impact of DNA, environmental factors, and the interplay between a child’s actions and a parent’s response is Dr. Danielle Dick. Dr. Dick is the author of The Child Code and an internationally recognized and award-winning expert on genetic and environmental influences on human behavior.

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158. Breaking the perfectionist mold: How embracing the messy middle is healthier for you and your kids with Monica Packer

A mother and toddler holding small chocolate chip cookies

In a society that places a premium on perfection, reshaping our personal and parenting goals to prioritize growth over perfectionism becomes a formidable task. Here to help empower you to navigate the messy middle ground of parenthood, embrace the long game, and find beauty in the small wins is the founder of About Progress, Monica Packer. Monica is a mom of 5, podcaster, coach, and “recovering perfectionist” herself.

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