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Does attachment security impact our perception of our appearance and whether or not we have a positive or negative body image? Are mothers, consciously or unconsciously, passing down their own internalized feelings about weight and worth to their daughters? And how is social media impacting the way teen girls view themselves?

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103. Secure attachment vs. social media: Navigating their effects on body image from early childhood to teen years with Dr. Miriam Steele

How is social media impacting the way teens view themselves

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60. The battle over screen time: Helping our children form a healthy relationship to technology with Emily Cherkin

The battle over screen time

If you want to understand why screens are so addictive, how to help our children establish healthy relationships with technology, and techniques for transitioning them off of their devices without a meltdown (most of the time) then this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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14. Motherhood as a Millennial: Tuning out the noise and learning to find trust in ourselves with Marcella Kelson

Marcella Kelson and I discuss the unique challenges millennial parents are faced with today. We’ll share specific strategies to combat our lack of confidence with tools to stop looking outward for external validation and asking if we’re doing it “right” and instead connect to ourselves and our children.

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