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By what age should kids stop tantruming and what are the red flags to look out for that they may need more support.

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197. BTS: When should you start being concerned about your kid’s tantrums?

Young child screaming and having a tantrum

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81. My child keeps biting, what do I do? How to address biting in toddlers and young children with Dr. Emily Upshur

Reasons children bite and how parents can effectively respond to this behavior

It’s developmentally normal, even typical, for toddlers and young children to bite. But that doesn’t mean we just sit back and let it happen.

Whether your child bites every now and then or this is a pattern you aren’t sure how to break, this episode will offer you strategies you won’t want to miss!

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79. Helping your child cope with anxiety: A conversation with clinical psychologist Dr. Terri Bacow

childhood anxiety

When our children feel anxious or afraid, it can be difficult for parents to know exactly how they should respond. Many parents put pressure on themselves to solve or fix this problem for their child, which is often impossible and a less than ideal way to handle this tricky situation.

Joining me to talk about childhood anxiety and offer support for parents navigating this in their own family is the author of Goodbye, Anxiety: A Guided Journal for Overcoming Worry, Dr. Terri Bacow.

You’ll learn a framework you can use that will work toward helping your child learn to cope with their anxiety, rather than avoiding their fear, and factors to help you determine if and when it’s time to seek professional support.

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73. I don’t want to play with you: How to handle peer rejection in toddlerhood Q&A with Dr. Emily Upshur

How to handle peer rejection in toddlerhood

Peer rejection in toddlerhood is a normal and healthy part of development. While it may take some work for us to calm our own fight or flight response so we can be open to this, it can be helpful to try to lean in and open up a dialogue with our children in these instances so that we may build their compassion, empathy and social awareness.

Joining me today is the co-founder of our practice, Upshur Bren Psychology Group, Dr. Emily Upshur. We’ll dive deep into many of the ways we can do this with our young children, offering you tools and thought provoking prompts—whether your child is the aggressor or the recipient—to help you and your child navigate peer rejection.

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