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Are we asking the wrong questions when it comes to our kids’ screen usage? In a world where technology isn’t going away, the right questions may be less about time limits, access, and controlling their behaviors and more about how we can build a child’s internal regulation system and rewire the reward center in their brain and body that screens are designed to hijack. 

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202. Regulation, reward systems, and rest: Rewiring the way our kids interact with screens with Alé Duarte

Young boy using a tablet

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193. BTS: Is it okay for screen time “rules” to go out the window on travel days?

Children watching their tablets while sitting on an airplane

Being intentional about your child’s screen use is one thing, but on travel days, it’s something entirely different – and that’s okay!

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191. BTS: What are the do’s and don’t for introducing screens to my toddler?

Two toddlers staring at a tablet

How to be intentional about starting screen time. And when it comes to TVs and tablets, is one better than the other?

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60. The battle over screen time: Helping our children form a healthy relationship to technology with Emily Cherkin

The battle over screen time

If you want to understand why screens are so addictive, how to help our children establish healthy relationships with technology, and techniques for transitioning them off of their devices without a meltdown (most of the time) then this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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