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We all want our children to succeed. But, the way they get there can feel counterintuitive to many parents and mainstream parenting approaches. We need to let our kids stumble, let them make mistakes, and allow them to struggle a bit. Here to help parents understand how to support their child’s autonomy in a way that promotes family harmony is psychologist and author of Autonomy-Supportive Parenting: Reduce Parental Burnout and Raise Competent, Confident Children, Dr. Emily Edlynn

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130. How to support our kids’ autonomy and independence, minus the power struggles, with Dr. Emily Edlynn

Supporting our kids autonomy

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126. Fostering secure attachments in peer relationships: Helping our children form strong friendship bonds with Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore

Helping our children form strong friendship bonds

As children grow, their friendships become increasingly more important to them and an integral part of their developing sense of self, of relationships, and how they fit into this world. Helping them learn to understand, process, and manage the multitude of emotions that come with early peer relationships can have a major impact on their development and mental health. Here to talk about the way children make, maintain, and nurture friendships is Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore. Eileen is a psychologist, friendship expert, and co-author of Growing Feelings: A Kids’ Guide to Dealing with Emotions about Friends and Other Kids.

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108. How to talk so your teen will listen (plus lay the groundwork for this when they’re little) with Elizabeth Bennett

Learn how to communicate with your growing child

Big kids can mean big problems. As tweens and teens start to find their independence and exert their autonomy, parents may feel a little lost as they face new challenges. One of the best ways to break through is to learn how to communicate with your growing child in a way that helps you both to feel seen, understood, respected, and appreciated. Joining me to offer parents tools to do just that is the author of the book Courageous Conversations: A guide for parents to understand and connect with their teen, Elizabeth Bennett.

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103. Secure attachment vs. social media: Navigating their effects on body image from early childhood to teen years with Dr. Miriam Steele

How is social media impacting the way teens view themselves

Does attachment security impact our perception of our appearance and whether or not we have a positive or negative body image? Are mothers, consciously or unconsciously, passing down their own internalized feelings about weight and worth to their daughters? And how is social media impacting the way teen girls view themselves?

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