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Get practical strategies for parents torn between comforting your baby and fostering their independence and resilience when they cry to be held by you.

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179. BTS: How do I support my child through distress without rescuing them immediately?

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37. Finding your confidence in your child’s first year: Two moms share their experience

Two of my former The Authentic Parent students talk about their experiences becoming moms for the first and second time, and how they’ve handled the transitions, challenges, triumphs and joys and built their own community of support. If you’re interested in The Authentic Parent: Finding Your Confidence in Your Child’s First Year, go to drsarahbren.com/TAP to learn more.

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18. Finding your footing in fatherhood: My husband’s journey with RIE and respectful parenting

I am joined by my husband Danny and we’re letting you behind closed doors to hear the raw and unfiltered conversations we had when we first became parents – the tension we felt in our marriage when our parenting styles weren’t aligning, and what we did to ultimately overcome those differences to become a more cohesive parenting team.

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