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I’ll give you a crash course in attachment science, dispel the misinterpretations that can make parents feel anxious or guilty, and offer concrete tips for more accurately attuning to your child, which can help them to form a secure attachment bond and promote mental wellness within your child and yourself.

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100. How to use the principles of attachment science to make parenting easier

A crash course in attachment science

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70. Helping children process, accept and understand death: With death doula Heather Hogan

The importance of introducing the concept of death to our children

It can be difficult and scary to talk about death as adults, so having to do so with our kids can cause us to freeze up and shut down. But by being open and honest about death, an inevitable part of life, we lay the groundwork our children need to develop the tools to process loss and work through feelings of grief and pain.

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69. How to support children experiencing abandonment or separation from a parent: Q&A with Dr. Emily Upshur

How to support children experiencing abandonment or separation from a parent

There can be many reasons why children may experience prolonged separations from a parent. From planned separations like for military families or when one parent must take a job far away, to unplanned situations in the case of mental illness, substance abuse or abandonment. Here to offer insight on this subject is Dr. Emily Upshur.

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64. Moving beyond parenting scripts: Fostering deep, authentic and connected conversations with your kids with Rebecca Rolland

Learn the secrets of effective communication with kids

This episode will help you to understand just how powerful language can be and teach you to actionable techniques for fostering authentic and natural conversations with your children, no matter their age, that can lead to the development of a strong and secure attachment bond.

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