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Knowing what to do, when, and how is a challenge in parenting! If you’re doing the right thing, but at the wrong time, you may be left questioning your methods and feeling like you’re failing in parenting. Here to help moms and dads learn how to be most effective in their parenting is the founder of Curious Neuron, neuroscientist Dr. Cindy Hovington.

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136. When none of the gentle parenting scripts and tips work for your kid with Dr. Cindy Hovington

When none of the gentle parenting scripts and tips work

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133. BTS: Why does my child lose it more with me than anyone else?

Different emotions with different caregivers

We’re diving deep into the psychology of parenting to explore why children tend to act out more with their parents than with others. Listen in as we uncover the unique factors of the parent-child bond, discuss common triggers, and offer strategies for navigating these challenging moments.

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105. How RIE can evolve into lifelong respectful parenting: Growing your parenting approach as your child grows with Janet Lansbury

How RIE can evolve into lifelong respectful parenting

Janet Lansbury was talking and blogging about respectful parenting long before it became a buzzword. Informed by her mentor and RIE creator Magda Gerber, Janet has spent decades encouraging parents and teaching them how to create loving and supportive environments for their children to help them grow into compassionate, confident, and resilient individuals.

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90. Seeing the world through your toddler’s eyes: Helping your child feel seen, understood, and validated with the co-authors of the Terrific Toddlers series

Seeing the world through your toddler's eyes

Toddlers are often misunderstood. They’re no longer babies, yet they still have very little knowledge of the world and the way things work—something that is easy to forget when we are constantly being blown away by their maturity and developmental leaps at this age.

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