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Learn how to respond most effectively to your child’s whining in the moment and what parents can do to encourage less whining from their kids in the future.

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147. BTS: What are practical tips for dealing with whining kids?

Young child whining

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138. The most crucial 20 minutes: How bedtime stories can deepen relationships and help kids let go of their day with Andrew Newman

Bedtime stories can deepen relationships with kids

Using the end of the night to help a child unwind, make sense of the day, and prepare for what’s to come tomorrow can be a valuable tool for shifting their brain and body into a state of rest. Joining me to talk about how parents can use the last 20 minutes of the day to promote social and emotional learning is the author of the children’s book series, Conscious Stories, Andrew Newman.

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BTS: What can I do when all the “rules” for setting limits don’t work for my sensitive kid?

How to set limits for sensitive kids

Often the conventional parenting “rules,” scripts, and hacks don’t work as well for sensitive kids. Learn how to effectively set and hold limits for those kids who feel their feelings deeply.

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134. Change your child’s behavior in just 3 weeks: How to create your own personalized action plan

How to create your own personalized action plan

Want to learn how to change your child’s behavior in just 3 weeks? In this episode, I am breaking down the 10 simple steps I teach to the families in my clinical practice to help them make small shifts to their own behavior that will result in some big changes in their child. Plus, download my interactive workbook for an easy-to-follow, customized game plan you can use to start seeing meaningful change leading to more cooperation and family harmony!

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